Friday, 13 March 2015

The Long Awaited Ground Floor Tour!

So it's been awhile again!  In my defense I have been ill for about 3 weeks, with man flu and acute laryngitis & tracheitis.  This lead to one week struggling through work (conference calls were not fun!), followed by a weeks holiday.  Where I missed the whole reason I had taken the time off in the first place, Fightstar gig :( and then a week off sick.  It was a very quiet house as I was barely able to speak, but I did get to spend some time with Harry Potter and the gang and went on an adventure with Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin.  So it was all totally bad!

I also think it's the longest I've spent in the house since we moved in last year, and it had me thinking about what the original layout must have been (the bathroom is all stud walls and there probably wasn't an inside bathroom when it was built), what type of windows were in the back of the house.  The front are all sash, but I'm not sure what the back would have been and it looks like they were replaced during the extension work in the 1970s, and who has lived here over the years.  We had some more original documents through from the solicitors so more on that another time....

So here's the tour around the ground floor of our house...

This is the current layout of the ground floor.


I think I covered the living room suitably before.  The only thing really to add is that the sofas have arrived, and after two weeks at home I can guarantee they are very comfy.


The library has the only other downstairs sash window and with it those lovely curved walls.

You can just see at the top of the photos, that the room also still has its original cornicing, again with that beautiful curve going around the wall.  I'm planning on doing a post on the original features we have in the house at a later date.  Just under the window there is a hint at the dark wood flooring that's hiding under the carpet, one of my plans is to get the flooring out.  What's a library without some wooden flooring!

There is a chimney breast that runs through the room, but unfortunately the original fire place appears to have been removed, it's the same in the bedroom above it upstairs.  They have both been properaly bricked up, not just boarded, so i'm assuming that the fire places have also been removed.  we will check before we do anything just in case the are hiding in there.  My plan is to reinstate a fire place and mantle piece as the chimney breast looks odd without it, but not as the original.  Stay posted for more when we do the library......

Kitchen - Dinner

I love the kitchen, it was one of the biggest selling points for me and is complete with something that I have always island :)

The people we brought the house off, very kindly left us our kitchen table which was awesome as at one point it was the only furniture in the house (along with a wardrobe that they also left)!  It's nice to be able to be doing things in the kitchen with people round and not only do they not get in the way, but they also have somewhere to sit.

As you can see, we have a rather fetching 1970s wooden kitchen, nice if you like the style.  What I will say for it is, it has been very well looked after and it must have been a top range kitchen at the time.  All the cupboard have little tags with the company that made it.

It's a lovely light, bright and airy room :)


This room is currently classed as a study, it's where all the filing will live and stuff for my company.  The size of the room is probably a little overkill for the requirements but it makes sense at the minute.

It's got the same bright roof light as the kitchen and I love the high window, I'm sure it was done like that for privacy for the houses behind, but it gives this room its own feature.

Music Room

You remember we took that stud wall out in the music room right?

Entrance Hall and Downstairs Toilet

This is the side entrance but is the one we use most often as it is the one everyone arrives at first.  Also it's a nice big hallway, whereas the actual front door only has a little square before you hit the stairs.

Downstairs toilet and separate sink, not really much to say although very nice to have them.


I also love this room, with working away having the ability to leave washing up all week to dry is just brilliant and it's all tucked away in its own place.

It comes complete with it's own plumbing and sink.....

..... a rail to hang shirts on hangers to dry......

...... and yes it is VERY green!

Front Door

And this is our very tiny front hallway and the original front door.

Fun Fact - there is the original lock in the front door, but nobody knows where the key is!  I imagine it got lost when they added the yale lock.

That just leaves the store and the workshop, which I think are better covered with the garage and gardens.  Also this has been a very photo heavy post and think I have probably put enough in already :)

I would promise not to leave it so long next time, but we know how well that's been going ;)

If there's anybody out there, bye for now!

Netty :)