Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Living Room

The Living Room

I’ve had a nice couple of days off work, Mr A’s birthday was last Wednesday so I came home from work on Tuesday night so we could spend some time together J  As always we have managed to cram loads in!  Including birthday celebrations (obviously), the Home Building and Renovation Show up in Harrogate which lead to an impromptu visit to Mr A’s Great Aunt, family fireworks, Christmas shopping and sofa testing!

More on the Home Building and Renovation Show another time, I had good intentions of taking loads of photos for my blog, but I got overawed by all the shiny things on show.  So I’m going to have to do a bit of internet trawling so I can show you the awesome things we saw!

Which leads me to the living room, first a quick tour of what it was like when we moved in and there was no furniture.

This one is looking from the front of the house to the back……

…… this one is the opposite way, I just love those curved walls on the bay J …….

……. And this one shows the doors that lead into the living room.  The furthest is to the front door and the stairs and the nearest one is to the kitchen.

Mr A was getting fed up of looking at where the previous owners pictures used to be, so we took a trip to B&Q to invest in some supplies.  The idea being that some temporary decorating would be good for cheering the place up and it would be good for trying some of our ideas out.

After Mr A’s hard work, this is how our living room currently looks.

The paint used on the feature wall is by the B&Q Colours Matt range and is called Cool Slate, we really like how this has turned out and will be using it for the final version of the room.

Due to the fact that we have such high ceilings (I’m nowhere near reaching them, even if I’m stood on my tip toes on one leg, with my arm fully stretched up!), we have decided to be brave and are going to have feature ceilings too!

This is also from the B&Q Colours Matt range and is called Clear Ocean.  The beam that can be seen on some of the photos (it’s about half way down the room and is from an internal dividing wall originally) this will stay white and we plan to replace the coving with some more traditional cornicing which will be wider into the ceiling (hopefully that makes sense).  We do have some nice original features in the house, unfortunately not in the living room though, I’ll cover these in their own post, were they can shine properly J  This cornicing will also be white and should hopefully provide a nice separation between the walls and the ceiling.

With all this in mind we decided to go and have a look at some sofas (a nice birthday treat for Mr A!), we went to Sofaworks as they seem to have a nice range of funky sofas and they aren’t just traditional or leather recliners.  The plan is to have a corner sofa but without the arms all the way round, I believe these are called a chaise group (it sounds very fancy).  We tried a couple in store, cue photos of sofas…..

Our thoughts on this one is that it would be too small for our living room.

As you can see this one makes me look like a hobbit and without sounding too like Goldilocks, this one was too big.

This one was just right ;) and is the one we are going to go for, just need to find time to go and order it!  We aren’t going for the orange though (it would clash with my hair!), we are going for the black and blue mix, it should really bring out the colour for the ceiling.

All of this excitement of picking sofas, lead us to marking out where to sofas would fit in the living room.  We must be mad as this followed a day of Christmas shopping in Hanley on the day when everyone else in the world seemed to be there!  So here are the photos of the marked out sofas (you can just see the brown tape)…..

This is just the chaise group sofa marked out, which fits nice and snug between the two doors.  As we are both sitting on the same sofa we are also going to get a footstool, so that we can both put our feet up J

The three seater sofa that we would also get is magically the same size as our other existing sofa, so we were able to just move that about to show us what space there would be between them for getting to the kitchen door.

So that’s about it for now, I covered some of our ideas for the living room in my last post and will put together an update post when we are a bit further along with the decisions, and when the sofa arrives of course!!

If there’s anybody out there, bye for now!

Netty J

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