About Me

Hi I’m Netty,

This is me (the one on the left).  The photo was taken after my amazing friend and I finished the Chester Half Marathon (she was awesome at encouraging me round!)

I live in Cheshire and am in my mid-thirties, I’m married to Mr A and have been for 6 years now (together for 13 years).  We have just moved into our second house, which also happens to be our Forever Home.

I work as a Project Manager (hopefully this should come in handy) in the Power Industry and work away in Nottinghamshire during the week.  While I'm there I live in The Hut.

I thought the best way to tell you about me is to tell you my ambitions for the future and the achievements so far that I’m most proud of.

Proud Achievements
-          Finishing a Half Marathon (look there’s photograph proof!)
-          Completing my degrees
-          Gaining Chartered Engineer status
-          Buying our Forever Home (I know it’s an obvious one!)
-          Learning to manage my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
-          Being in a job that I love and that brings a new challenge every day
-          Making mince pies completely from scratch, including the mince meat.
-          Buying my beloved Toyota MR2 (I had a pencil case with one on at school and have wanted one ever since)

Future Ambitions
-          Complete a Marathon
-          Complete the renovation of our Forever Home
-          Make a patchwork quilt (this is inspired by the one that I have, that was made by my Grandma)
-          Finish the Vogue 1419 Coat (Sister sewalong)
-          Finish my family tree (although I think this might be a life times work)
-          Read all the books in my library (this is a moving target!)
-          Go to watch a live Formula 1 Grand Prix
-          Retire by 60

I’m sure I have missed some off and will add to the lists as I remember.

As you can see I have varied interests and I hope you will enjoy coming along on my journey.

If there’s anybody out there, bye for now!
Netty J

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