Sunday, 19 April 2015

The First Floor Tour

Part 2 of the house tour - The First Floor.....

Here's the floor plan

This floor plan is how we are at the moment, as I've mentioned before Mr A and I have discussed building up over the flat roof part of the house, which would give us more space upstairs.  On this tour I will try to let you know what the room is now, what our plans are if we don't extend and what our plans our if we do extend.  Hopefully it won't be too confusing!

Bedroom 1 - Master Bedroom

This is currently our room and no matter what the future plans are it will stay as our room :)

We have the original sash windows in here, it can be a little drafty but we have now got two sets of curtains up.  One set are wool, so that has warmed it up a bit, that tiny white thing under the window is the incredibly tiny radiator for this room - it's no wonder it is cold!  The brown doors are an inbuilt wardrobe, if we extend the plan is that this will lead through into the master bathroom.  I don't think this photo does the size of the room justice.

Bedroom 2 - Guest Bedroom

This room is a similar size to the master bedroom and is currently our guest bedroom - yet to be tested out :)

Complete with fetching 1970s inbuilt furniture!  There is also a matching inbuilt wardrobe to the right of the sash window, this is back to back with the one in the master bedroom.  If we extend the plan is for this room to become a mega awesome master bathroom, and we will knock through the two wardrobes to give us direct access.

The reasons there is stuff in this room and not in any of the other photos is because we forgot to photograph this room before we moved in - Ooops!

Bedroom 3 - Wardrobe Room

This room is our walk-in wardrobe room, I have always wanted one of these :)  It is working really well and we just been given some fantastic pre-loved wardrobes from some of our friends, so hopefully the cardboard box wardrobes will be gone soon!  There are no changes planned for the use of this room with our potential future plans.

Bedroom 4 - The Box Room

This room is lovingly referred to as the box room, as it is our smallest bedroom (although it is still a reasonable size) and because it is full of boxes.

It is also Millie Cat's favorite room, I think it is because she can see the comings and goings of the road from the window.

If we don't extend, we plan to knock through into the existing bathroom to make a larger bathroom for us.  If we do extend it will probably end up as a large landing space (I'm paranoid about falling down our stairs as we have a very small landing area at the moment and you have to go past the stairs to get to the bathroom - I did consider a stair gate at one point!) that will lead through into the new extended part of the house.


As you can see from the photo below, it carries on with the 1970s theme of the house.

As I said in the box room section above, it will be a larger bathroom or a large landing into the new extension.

Well I hope you enjoyed the trip round the house and the fabulous selection of carpets that we have ;)

I still need to do a tour around the garden, workshop and garage.  Then there's all the original features that I would like to show you :)

If there's anybody out there, bye for now!

Netty :)

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