Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Where to Start....

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So moving swiftly on to this blog post.

So Where to Start........

This applies both to us and the house renovation, living room, bedroom, music room, windows, extension, etc,etc... and to starting this blog.  Neither of these being helped by the fact that I work away and Mr A plays in a Heavy Rock Band (Hybrid 9), in fact they were playing last night in Northwich.  All of which takes up time, as I said last time.....we need a plan!!

I'm thinking it's best to start at the beginning, we decided to sell our old house around October 2012 as we had seen a lovely building that had the potential to be converted into a awesome home.  Long story short, it was a commercial property (this became a bit of a theme in our house search!) and it wasn't possible for us to buy it :(

After this disappointment we thought we would take advantage of the lower purchase prices for houses and would see if we could sell ours to enable us to move on.  Anyway cutting a long story short (again!) and skirting over a number of heartbreaks, let downs and saying nothing of the 'interesting' selection of houses that we viewed, we found Our Forever Home :)  We moved in at the start of August and now we are settled in and 'sort of' unpacked!

So I thought I would do a quick round up of the house layout and save individual room tours and our plans for them for a later date.

This is the ground floor layout and was perfect for us as we had decided that we needed a pyramid (not an easy task unless you live in Egypt!!).  The previous owners had their business operating from the house, hence all the office space.

.......and this is the first floor, this shows the area of the original 1902 (we think) house and the 1970s extension that wraps around it can be seen on the ground floor layout.

These are the original layouts from the Estate Agent details, we have changes planned (in our heads only, nothing paper wise yet) but haven't updated the layouts.

The house is tucked away in half an acre in-between streets and the brook, it's a lovely peaceful setting.

So I going to sign off now with one final photo, I realised two weekends ago that we had been living in the house for a month now.  I have decided to chart the progress (or lack of) and the seasons with a monthly photo taken from a similar position as the first one.  So this is photo 1 - 09/2014.

If there's anybody out there, bye for now!

Netty :)


  1. I'm out there ! Well done netty it's a big plunge starting a blog! Can't wait to see your progress x