Saturday, 18 October 2014


So this post was suppose to go on last weekend, but due to a busy Saturday and Sunday morning and then maybe I fell asleep in the afternoon, it didn't happen.  Then technical issues with the laptop in The Hut and not being able to get internet tethering on my phone last night (we need wifi sorting asap!!) and there being no app for blogging on my Nokia phone it was an epic fail I'm afraid!!  But here I am now, I hope it was worth the wait :)

A large part of this house renovation game is gaining inspiration and ideas to include in your own home.  We are still at the beginning of our journey so ideas for the different rooms range from no idea, we know exactly what we want, to we have so many ideas for this room that there is no way that we can use them all!

If you hadn’t realised it already, I’m quite into my books hence the library (there were 47 boxes of books from the other house and we had to move them twice, old house to storage locker – storage locker to Forever Home!).  So I tend to look to books and magazines for inspiration, this is my collect so far (I’m sure that it will grow over time)……

I’m also a fan of Pinterest (I will get a button for this sorted on my blog at some point), there are some fantastic ideas out there.  These cover everything from new to recycled / repurposed, and I’ve already got a few to use in mind.

I’ve also recently been introduced to houzz by Mr A (he’s the design guru in our house), which I find great for overall ideas for rooms.  I like to see the ideas all pulled together so you can see the overall finish, it’s already given us an idea for the living room.

Shop wise I suppose I’m just like any other home renovator; I can spend hours in B&Q looking at fire places, paint, lampshades, the little set up kitchens and bathrooms (the kitchens are my favourite) and doors, doors and more doors.  Internal or external take your pick!  And don’t even get me started on IKEA, it’s like a dream shop, I could spend all day in there!  We once went to a gig in Birmingham and it turn out the date on the advertising was a week early!!  Obviously we weren’t happy, so to cheer ourselves up we decided to go to IKEA instead, you could get lost in that place forever.

So that’s what we are doing at the moment, gaining inspiration and ideas from anywhere and everywhere, and hopefully a plan should fall out of it at the end.

As my Dad would say ‘It’s all preparation’.

If there’s anybody out there, bye for now!

Netty J

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