Sunday, 5 October 2014

The End Of The Stud Wall

So last weekend was a very rare weekend off, Mr A wasn’t working (he works alternate weekends and yeap I do work away during the week, and yeap I am aware of how bad that sounds, but it all seems to work ok).  There were no gigs, no family commitments and no other plans (other than an exciting appointment for me at the bank to discuss life insurance – Yawn!), this is that rare in our house that even we were surprised when it happened.

After my exciting meeting at the bank, I came back home to find Mr A with utility bar (a crow bar to you and me, but weirdly not to B&Q) in hand.  I’m jumping ahead a bit here as I haven’t done any room tours yet, only a post with a bit about the layout of the house.  So I will take a step back.

Cue before pictures…..

….this is the Music Room 1 which was previously one of the offices for the previous owners business…..

….this is the Music Room 2, there’s a hatch because this room was the main reception (you can still see the little circle marks left by the chair on the hard tiled floor, from where the chair was moved in and out from under the desk).

This is my rather crap photo trying to show what the full length of the room is before the wall came out.  If you look through the door on the right you can see into the next room, ooh look there’s the book shelves for my library J and Mr A on the left.

Luckily there is only one stud wall on the ground floor (yes that right just one) and it magically happens to be between the two music rooms, it’s almost like we planned it!

Look there’s Mr A again, complete with utility bar….

….and the wall with all the sheets removed, you can just start to see the scale of the room through the batons.

The next two photos are my appalling attempt to show how big the room is now that the stud wall has been removed – Sorry, I will try to get better at these!

This next photo is a wide angle shot ‘borrowed’ from Mr A.  He’s done a much better job of it that I did, for a start all the edges of the walls line up!

I have put together a couple of layouts, so that you can see what it was originally, our planned use for each room, and also one that shows where the stud wall was removed from the music rooms (right hand side of the floor layout).

This leaves me with one final picture, I like to be super organised (otherwise our manic lives drive me mental and I never know what’s going on!) so in the entrance hall I’m planning on putting up a big chalkboard yearly wall planner.  I’ve seen something similar on Pinterest and thought I so need one of those!!  Well the stud wall just happened to be covered in thin (70s style) wooded sheets and they have come off ok, so I have saved one as it is just the right size J

More to come on this another time (when I get round to doing it)…. Oh and there’s or lovely little cat Millie getting in on the photo action!

If there’s anybody out there, bye for now!
Netty J

P.S. I think I’m due another monthly photo of the house, so here it is photo 2 - 10/2014 J

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  1. The room looks HUGE can't wait to see what you do for decor!